Wake up, Dreamer. Dream again …a testimony

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside many great believers over the years in the Branded By God Ministries circles. Old and young, new believers and mature–they have all taught me something along the way. Many have lifted me up when times got tough. But I love one thing about them all. They are dreamers.

Dreams are not the stuff of would-be heroes. They are the core of our existence and an exacting, ferocious challenge to the very hordes of hell. Inside every human being reside dreams as powerful as the convictions of Martin Luther King, Jr., as driving as the love of Mother Teresa, as significant as the creative genius of Albert Einstein. We believe in the brilliance of Einstein. Why not the intervention of the God of the universe who can help us dream again?

I believe the issue is HOPE. When tough times come and seasons are long and weary, our hearts grow sick. Yes, you know that scripture. Proverbs 13:12. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Sick is an adjective, a describing word. It means ill, ailing, diseased, impaired, frail, suffering. We’ve all felt it. We’ve all fought it.

Hope deferred has a voice. It says, “I am sick. God has forgotten me. My head knows He is faithful, but my heart is despairing.” That voice magnifies fear and despair and loneliness. Its brothers are rejection and mockery, its sisters, intimidation and disgust. It is Joseph’s cry in prison, Moses’ 40 years in the wilderness. It was my long, dark night of the soul and might be your nemesis, too.

Hopelessness is an enemy of the dreams of the Body of Christ. I am praying for a Kingdom transfusion of HOPE! Hope is the force that awakens our dreams, ignites our joy and lifts us into heavenly realms of ‘seeing’ again. With hope we believe in who we are again, believe in why we were created again, rediscover that God has NOT forgotten us. We CAN dream again.

If I can encourage you with one thing that the leadership of this ministry taught me, it is that the presence of God will bring hope again. The presence of God will bring life again. Inundate yourself with His presence. Worship. Cry. Lie in His stillness. Even if it’s hard to pick up your Bible, do it! Grab onto one scripture if that’s as far as you get. He will speak. He’s committed to you! Then grab onto another.

Listen to the strongest voices in ministry that speak to YOU and let them shout down the voice of failure, the seduction of unbelief. Listen to the songs that prophesy to your soul, then speak to your soul like David did! Ask it, “Why are you cast down, O my soul? Hope in God!”

Your friends may not let on, but they’re battling with it, too. Sow seeds of hope into those around you and ask God for a heart that sees hope through His eyes! If you haven’t read Darrin Begley’s insight about Joseph in his book, “I AM Identified,” you should! Get it as soon as you can. We are all dreamers like Joseph and God’s dream for you is to dream again.

I love you, friend. Awaken to HOPE again. Awaken to your dreams. Dream again! –Laura Clark

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