We don’t have to live in an identity crisis!

IAMIdentifiedCover-12-21-12.indd“Who am I?” is a burning question deep within every human being. A longing to know “Why was I born?” resides within the blueprint of every living soul. Mankind was specifically designed by God to ask these crucial questions, and to discover who we are and why we are alive! Only one source—our Maker—can provide us the REAL answers that we need. The One who created us before the foundations of world is the One who wants to truly identify our worth, our uniqueness and our purpose for breathing.

The truth of the good news of the Gospel is that you and I don't have to live in an identity crisis! We don’t have to remain in a dead-end cycle, always searching for significance.

In his book, I Am Identified, Darrin Justice Begley examines the lives of real men and women from the bible. Each of them faced the same questions and challenges we face today, challenges that led them to encounter a loving, faithful Father who desires an intimate relationship with every single one of us. Yes, with every son and daughter on the earth! Father God is the great I AM and wants each one of us to experience His goodness, His grace, and to be secure in who we were created to be.

Discover the original intent for mankind through the pages of I Am Identified.workbookforweb_225Stop wondering who you are and awaken to why you were born. Deepen your understanding of a loving, heavenly Father by also ordering the companion to the original book, the I Am Identified Workbook. This is a powerful tool for individual study and reflection or dynamic discussion groups.

Truly, God desires to answer our burning questions. He wants us to experience Him as Father, hear His voice and grow in trust. Then we will become ‘settled' in our identity. We will both believe and embrace the inheritance that Jesus, His Son, died to give us. We will walk as the empowered Body of Christ and fully manifest His heart to others. Out of who we are, we will operate in all the fullness of God just as Jesus did, and say, “I AM Identified!."

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