It is time for a new Branding.


    Clifton_150It is time for an identification from Father—a heavenly Father—who wants to awaken reality within us.

    It is time for a generation to be identified…a generation who has exhausted its need for the approval of man and that carries a different heart, a different spirit. It is a shift from a demanding, Saul system to a generation of ‘Davids' whose love for their King is unchecked, and whose destinies rest securely in their identity as God's sons and daughters. This is the shift that changes everything. This is the shift to Love.

    Love is the key that unlocks the King’s dominion planted in the depths of who we are.
    Love is the spirit within that hears His voice, trusts His heart and courageously obeys.
    Love is the promise that this generation will stand on the shoulders of spiritual mothers and fathers and see further—much further. Love is a Person, Jesus Christ.


    He not only loves us, He IS love. He not only heals us, He IS healing. He not only IS the Creator, the great I AM, but the I AM who chooses to live inside of you and me. We carry heaven and the heart of Love is to release heaven into the earth, manifesting Him to every person, in every situation.

    The Kingdom is within you and me, and it is time. Time for a new branding. Time for sons and daughters to come forth in love, in power and in demonstration of their God! It is time for a generation to fully awaken to the reality of God within us.

    It is time!


    It's about the King and His Kingdom!


    The heart of the King is His love poured out for all people. Jesus died to reconcile the whole world back to His father, but His love did not stop at the cross.

    Join Pastors Darrin and Sheila Begley, and Pastors Bob and Sherry Phillips at an exciting new church in Houston: GOD'S HOUSE!

    GOD'S HOUSE is a multigenerational, nondenominational church for people of every race, every culture, every destiny. No matter what language you speak or life you have led, you are welcome at GOD'S HOUSE. God is a God who sees... He sees your heart, your life, your relationships... He knows every joy and every sorrow of your heart. You are HIS handiwork. You are HIS joy. You were HIS idea in the earth. It is His delight to pour out His love on us in a way that changes us forever! We welcome you to worship with us as we grow together in the Spirit.

    Join us at our NEW LOCATION each Saturday evening at 6 p.m. in west Houston.
    12656 GOAR ROAD, Houston, Texas

    Check out our latest GOD'S HOUSE updates on Facebook!

    About Branded By God…

    Darrin&Sheila_250Darrin Begley experienced a dramatic encounter with God more than 25 years ago that transformed his life and launched him into ministry. Alongside his wife, Sheila, Darrin was first a youth pastor at Dayspring Church in Atoka, Oklahoma, where he began to move prophetically with authority and accuracy among youth and people of all ages. During those early years, Darrin and Sheila experienced a strong move of God that exploded their ministry and birthed radical, life-changing youth camps.

    In 1999 the Lord sent Darrin to Houston, Texas, where he served as associate pastor in The NET Church. Carrying a message of the extravagant love of Jesus Christ, bold discipleship and liberating freedom in worship, the Begleys’ outreach would not only touch many in their home church, but extend throughout camps and conferences all across the U.S. But God led them back to Atoka in 2001 to begin a brand new work.

    The Begleys established a church known as God’s House in Atoka where Darrin was senior pastor for 11 years. It was there that their youth ministry became Branded By God Ministries, leading young men and women into an awareness and intimacy with God as Father, and as fully realized sons and daughters of the King. At the leading of God they have now returned to Houston with a passion to mentor a generation of world-changers who know their God and why they are here on the earth. Under the instruction and anointing of God to help others fully understand their identity in Christ, Darrin authored his first book, I Am Identified, along with a companion workbook. Click here for more information.booklink_200

    In addition to her ministry alongside Darrin, Sheila Begley also travels the U.S. and internationally, speaking to churches and groups about Father’s love and union with Him. The Begley’s daughter, Jozey, is a worship leader, international speaker and missionary to third-world nations.

    For more information or specific questions about this ministry, please CLICK HERE for the page XCONNECT.


    converge | kƏn’ vƏrj |

    definition: to come together from different directions; to unite, to join, to connect; to gradually change so as to become similar or develop Something in common.

    convergenceIt is time to converge.

    Branded By God Ministries has a new home: Houston, Texas. In recent years God confirmed to the Begleys that they would return to Houston again and build—build people, build lives, build faith-filled families, build a gathering place where all who love and seek the King of Kings can converge. And that time has come.

    It is a convergence of hearts and minds, of people groups and purpose, of those who are wild at heart alongside the heartbroken who want to heal. It’s a convergence of sounds and stillness, of work and worship, of sons and daughters uniting in the presence of their King.

    Join us as we converge from every walk of life, from every corner of the globe, to connect and fall in love again with the Lord of Everything.

    Join us Saturday nights at GOD’S HOUSE!

    IT IS TIME TO CONVERGE AT GOD’S HOUSE! Pastors Darrin and Sheila Begley, and Pastors Bob and Sherry Phillips have joined hearts to launch an exciting new church in Houston known as GOD’S HOUSE. In a non-denominational setting generations, nationalities and diverse backgrounds are welcoming His presence, His Word, and His Spirit crashing in on our lives to change us and His world. Christ is our King and expanding His Kingdom is our passion.

    Come as you are! He already knows you—up, down, poor, rich, broken or whole, on the mountaintop or still searching for your mountain. You are fully loved by a Creator who knew your name before He formed you in the womb., who knew you from the beginning of time. He is building something beautiful and not just for one or two. He died for the whole world. He has one mission: you.

    Join us at GOD’S HOUSE each Saturday evening at 6 p.m. at 1315 South Dairy Ashford in Houston.

    For updates and to connect with us on our website, visit Find us on our Facebook page GOD’S HOUSE.




    We don’t have to live in an identity crisis!

    IAMIdentifiedCover-12-21-12.indd“Who am I?” is a burning question deep within every human being. A longing to know “Why was I born?” resides within the blueprint of every living soul. Mankind was specifically designed by God to ask these crucial questions, and to discover who we are and why we are alive! Only one source—our Maker—can provide us the REAL answers that we need. The One who created us before the foundations of world is the One who wants to truly identify our worth, our uniqueness and our purpose for breathing.

    The truth of the good news of the Gospel is that you and I don't have to live in an identity crisis! We don’t have to remain in a dead-end cycle, always searching for significance.

    In his book, I Am Identified, Darrin Justice Begley examines the lives of real men and women from the bible. Each of them faced the same questions and challenges we face today, challenges that led them to encounter a loving, faithful Father who desires an intimate relationship with every single one of us. Yes, with every son and daughter on the earth! Father God is the great I AM and wants each one of us to experience His goodness, His grace, and to be secure in who we were created to be.

    Discover the original intent for mankind through the pages of I Am Identified.workbookforweb_225Stop wondering who you are and awaken to why you were born. Deepen your understanding of a loving, heavenly Father by also ordering the companion to the original book, the I Am Identified Workbook. This is a powerful tool for individual study and reflection or dynamic discussion groups.

    Truly, God desires to answer our burning questions. He wants us to experience Him as Father, hear His voice and grow in trust. Then we will become ‘settled' in our identity. We will both believe and embrace the inheritance that Jesus, His Son, died to give us. We will walk as the empowered Body of Christ and fully manifest His heart to others. Out of who we are, we will operate in all the fullness of God just as Jesus did, and say, “I AM Identified!."

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